Note: For Full test
1. No. of Questions: 200 ( Mental Ability 50 Q, English 50 Q, Science 40 Q, SSt. 40 Q, Mathematics 20 Q)
2. Total time: 180 minutes
3. No negative marking
4.The Test will be active on the Day of the exam.
Test Number Test Type  Date Mathematics Science SSt English Mental Ability
1 FULL TEST 08.10.17 Real Number : Euclid’s Division Lemma, The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic, Revisiting Irrational Numbers, Revisiting Rational Numbers and Their Decimal Expansions , HCF & LCM, Polynomial :  Zeroes and Coefficients of a Polynomial, Division Algorithm for Polynomials, Linear Equation In Two Variables : Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables Arithmetic Progression, Similar Triangles, Coordinate Geometry : Distance Formula, Section Formula, Area of Triangle, Trigonometry : Trigonometric Ratios , Trigonometric Ratios of Some Specific Angles, Trigonometric Ratios of Complementary Angles, Trigonometry: Trigonometric Identities, Application Of Trigonometry, Circles and Areas Related to Circles : Tangent to a Circle, Number of Tangents from a Point on a Circle,  Perimeter and Area of a Circle, Areas of Sector and Segment of a Circle, Areas of Combinations of Plane Figures, Surface Areas and Volumes : Surface Area and volume of a Combination of Solids, Frustum of a Cone,Statistics : Mean Mode  amd Median of Grouped Data, Graphical Representation of Cumulative Frequency Distribution ,Probability, Surds, Algebraic Identities, Factorisation, Remainder Theorem, Heron's Formula, Laws of Exponent, Logarithm,Percentage , Profit Loss, Ratio Proportion, Time and Distance, Pipe and Cistern, Time and Work, Simple Interest , Compound Interest, , PHYSICS : Charge, Electric Field And Coulomb's Law, Current, Potential Difference, Ohm's Law And Devices, Resistance And Resistivity, Heating Effect Of Current And Commercial Unit And Energy, Magnetic Field Due To Current Carrying Conductor (Straight Conductor, Circular Coil And Solenoid), Force On A Current Carrying Conductor & Electric Motor, Emi And Electric Generator, Sources Of Energy (Nuclear Reation), Reflection (Plane Mirror And Spherical Mirror), Image Formation (Plane And Spherical Mirror),Mirror Formula And Magnification, Refraction, Refractive Index Laws of refraction, Lens Formula, Magnification, Power And Combinatin Of Lens, Prism, Dispersion And Atmospheric Refraction, Scattering, Critical Angle And Tir., Parameter Of Kinetics, Motion, Force and Laws of Motion, Gravitation, Work and Energy, Sound

CHEMISTRY: Chemical Reactions And Equations : Characterstics and Types of chemical reaction,  Redox Reaction, Rancidity and Corrosion, Acids, Bases And Salts : Physical and Chemical properties ,pH in every day life, salts and their classification, Acids, Bases And Salts : Some important compounds, Metals and Non-Metals: Physial and chemical properties of Metals and Non-Metals, Metallurgy and Alloys, Carbon And Its Compound : versatile nature of carbon & allotropes of carbon, Carbon And Its Compound : Functional group and IUPAC Nomenclature, Chemical and Physical properties of organic compounds, Carbon And Its Compound : Ethanol and Ethanoic acid, soaps and detergents , Periodic Classification of elements : Periodic Laws, Periodic Classification of Elements : Periodic properties, Matter In Our Surroundings : Interconversion of states of matter, Evaporation, Factors affecting evaporation, Is Matter Around Us Pure : Homogeneous and heterogeneous mixture Separation techniques, Atoms And Molecules : Mole Concept, Atoms And Molecules : Stoichiometry, Structure of the Atom : Subatomic particles, atomic models, Matter in our surroundings, Is matter around us pure, Atoms and Molecules, Structure of the Atom

Nutrition, Respiration, Excreation, Nervous System And Reflex Action,Transportation, CNS, PNS, Animal Hormones, Plant Hormones and Plant Movement, DNA, Asexual Reproduction, Sexual Reproduction In Plants And In Males (Human), Sexual Reproduction In (Female), Reproductive Health, Mendal Law, Theories Of Evolution, Speciation, Evidence Of Evolution, Food Chain, Food Web, Ecological Pyramid, 10% Law, Green House Effect, Ozone Depletion, Waste Disposal, GAP, Stakeholder Of Forest, Conservation Of Natural resources and wildlife, Public Participation, Rain water Harvesting, Coal And Petroleum, The Fundamental Unit of Life, Tissues, Diversity in living organisms, Why do we fall ill, Natural Resources , Improvement in Food resources

History: The Making of Global World, Print Culture, Nationalism In India, Water Resources , Rise of Nationalism In Europe, "Novels”, Age of Industrialisation, Work, Life And Leisure , "Indo China, The French Revolution, Socialism in Europe and Russian Revolution, Nazism and the Rise of Hitler, Forest Society and Colonialism, Pastoralists in the Modern World, Peasants and Farmers , Everyday Life , Culture and Politics

Eco: Development, Sectors Of Economy, Sectors Of Economy, Money And Credit, Globalisation And The  Indian Economy, Lifelines of Economy, Consumers Rights, The story of Village Palampur, People as resource, Poverty as a challenge, Food Security in India

Geography: Resources and Development, "Agriculture (till Bhudan Andolan only), Minerals And Energy Resources, Manufacturing Industries, India- Size and Location, Physical features of India, Drainage, Climate, Natural Vegetation and Wild Life, Population

Civics: Power Sharing,  Federalism, "Democracy And Diversity Gender, Caste And Religion, Political Parties, Outcomes of Democracy, Challenges of Democracy, Democracy in the contemporary world, What is Democracy? , Why Democracy, Constitutional Design, Electoral Politics, Working of Institutions , Democratic Rights
Antonyms, Synonyms, English Grammar, One word substitution, Paragraph Completion, Reading Comprehension, Paragraph Completion, Reading Comprehension, Rearrangement of Jumbled Words ,Sentence Completion, Spotting Errors, Idioms and Phrases  Number Series, Alphabet Series, Analogy And classfication, Missing Term In Figure, Coding Decoding, Ranking And Sitting Arrangement,Cube And Dice, Direction And Distance ,Calender And Clock, Logical Venn Diagrams,Syllogism, Artimetical Problem, Blood Relation, Counting Figure and Mirror and Water Image,Completion Of Figure Embedded Figure, Paper Cutting And Folding, Non-Verbal Analogy, Series (Figure) Non-Verbal, Classification ( Non Verbal)
2 FULL TEST 15.10.17
3 FULL TEST 22.10.17
4 FULL TEST 29.10.17
5 FULL TEST 02.11.17