Note: For Full test -
1. NO. of Questions: 200 ( General Knowledge 50 Q, Physics 40 Q, Chemistry 40 Q, Biology 40 Q, Mathematics 30 Q)
2. Total time: 200 minutes
3. No negative marking
4.The Test will be active on the Day of the exam and will remain active for one week from the date of the exam.
Test Number Test Type  Date Status Mathematics Physics Chemistry Biology General Knowledge
1 FULL TEST 17.12.17   Percentage, Profit and Loss, Discount , Ratio Proportion , Square and Square Root, Time and Distance , Time and work, Pipe and Cistern, , Simple Interest, Compound Interest ,Polygons , Sum of Interior angles of a polygon, Exterior angle property , Angle sum property of Triangle and Quadrilateral , Special Types of Quadrilateral, Area of Trapezium, Area of Circle , Concentric Circles,Rational Number , Decimal Representation of Rational Number, Irrational Number, Rationalisation,Operation on Real Numbers, Laws of Exponent ,Polynomials, Zeroes of a Polynomial , Factor Theorem, Remainder Theorem, Factorisation of Polynomial,Algebraic Identities,Linear Equation in Two Variables, Simultaneous Linear Equations in Two Variables , Word Problem on Simultaneous Linear Equations in Two Variables,Lines and Angles, Parallel lines and a Transversal, Congruence of Triangle, Inequalities in a Triangle, Heron's Formula,Quadrilaterals, Properties of a Parallelogram, The Mid Point Theorem, Figures on the same base and and between the same parallel,Circle, Angles subtended by a chord and Arc , Perpendicular from the centre to the chord, Cyclic Quadrilateral , Area Related to circle , Area of sector , Length of Chord ,Surface area and Volume of Cube, Cuboid , Cylinder, Cone and Sphere , Mean , Median Mode , Probability  Force and Pressure, Friction, Chemical effect of Electric Current ,Sound , Some Natural Phenomena , Light , Stars and Solar System,Motion,Force and Laws of Motion, Force and Laws of Motion,Gravitation,Work and Energy ,Work and Energy ,Sound  Synthetic Fibres and Plastics, Metals and Non Metals ,Coal and Petroleum , Combustion and Flame ,Pollution of Air and Water ,Matter in Our Surroundings ,Is Matter Around Us Pure ,Atoms and Molecules ,Structure of the Atom,Natural Resources Crop Production and Management, Microorganisms - Friends and Foe,Conservation of Plants and Animals, Cell Structure and Functions ,Reproduction in Animals , Reaching the age of Adolescence ,The Fundamental Unit of Life,Tissue,Diversity in Living Organisms ,Why do we fall Ill,Improvement in Food Resources  Invention and Discoveries , World superlatives, Indian Superlatives Geographical Epithets , Sobriquets , National Parks , Wildlife santuries , Awards and Honours , Games and Events ,Days , Books and Authors , Festivals ,Continents, Solar System, Film , Film Festival , Abbriviations, Acronyms , Important Offices , Music, World Heritage Symbols ,Ancient History , Battles , Dynasties , World War I and II , Constitution , Amendments , Five Yr. Plans , Budget, Election , Political Parties , Democracy , Fundamental Rights and Duties , Dams , Rivers , Agriculture , Soil , Ports , World Panoroma.
2 FULL TEST 24.12.17  
3 FULL TEST 31.12.17  
4 FULL TEST 07.01.18  
5 FULL TEST 14.01.18